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CD REVIEW: Kate Redgate
By Ben Ohmart - 06/11/2001 - 01:21 PM EDT

Artist: Kate Redgate
CD Review: Kate Redgateís 4 song EP demonstrates a very confident composerís quality, combined with a forthright, strong-strumming acoustic guitar performance that reminds you of the Indigo Girls, halved in number but not in power. All Kate needs is a guitar, and sheís set for folk, verging on the olde worlde storytellerís style of being clear, clean and passionate about the compressed novels that spring from her brain. Joe Holaday on bass is the only help sheís got, and she doesnít even need him. This hereís a girl with her head on straight, a voice thatís equal to her strum skill, and a collection of major chords that make the tunes heroically memorable.

Whatís on the downside? Not much, if you love folk. (Though to be honest, itís the instrument thatís more folk than the performance; you might call it acoustic pop-rock if youíre the bold sort.) It would just be nice if there were more to the cd: a full-length. See, the productionís crisp, the way all good discs should be. And of course the lyrics would be great to quote, if they were printed here. Otherwise, the music Ė is Ė super.

Iím including her full address (which I donít often do) because itís a wonderful little mini-album that you ought to seek out. And email Kate, tell her to stop gigging so much, and set some more tunes down in the studio.

Kate Redgate
Box 1080
Newburyport, MA 01950

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