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CD REVIEW: Scott Johnson - Dreams in the Making
By Ben Ohmart - 06/18/2001 - 01:15 PM EDT

Artist: Scott Johnson
Album: Dreams in the Making
CD Review: In today's world, with smarmy, wise-ass Disney humor dominating, sheer positive thought doesn't often come thru. Mostly you now have to pierce the veil and decode and evaluate. So when someone like Scott Johnson comes along, and gives you absolutely every clue as to what he's doing, starting from the very title of the cd, you know you're in for upbeat reinforcement without having to dig.

12 songs and 49 minutes, we are taken thru titles like 'Let Your Dreams Come True,' 'On the Verge of Something Great,' and 'Lighten Up There Boy.' Energetic and smiling, every song is different, in maxim and arrangement. And the very first words you'll hear are from the seeming rock opera, 'Right This Moment.' It can't help but to move you from common complacency. 'Right this moment, this very moment / Life is happening right in front of you / Right this moment, this very moment / Life is changing and everything is new.' So what are you waiting for - go buy the cd!!

I'm not sure how he does it, but often, Scott makes his voice different, so I keep having to remind myself if this is a Googol Press compilation, or really one man's talent. The latter is true, in abundance, with a voice that comes a few yards away from Elton John, one of those guys in Air Supply, the guy that sang the Greatest American Hero theme, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel and several others.

Scott, you need to send this cd and promo pack to Disney Records. They are in desperate need of your talent. And when they tell you 'to get with it' or 'make it funny,' keep your damn songwriting just the same. Give us back some innocence, just like you're doing with Dreams in the Making. Psychologically, it's the best cd I've heard this year. Musically, of course, it kicks and warms the heart alternately. But since every sound, word or not, is stemming from your higher-planed aura, whatever comes out is wrapped in a warm, caring, healthy outlook.

Consider the Turtles-Broadway-Tommy Steele-Davy Jones edition of 'It Don't Get Better Than This,' with full horn arrangement. Man, this is great stuff. 'The moonlight on the Rhine / With two friends and some wine / Sitting on castle walls / Letting laughs rise and fall / Saying "It don't get better than this / It don't get better than this."' And it really doesn’t.

If I had any real power, I'd take Celine Dion and Aerosmith off the air and let this man have a running jump at the charts. True, it assumes the good public want what's good for them. So let's hope enough DO to give Scott and Googol the strength and cash to carry on to the next release.

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