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By Ben Ohmart - 07/02/2001 - 11:01 AM EDT

Artist: Clyde
CD Review: Clyde doesn’t really need a good hit record to push, not with all the other stuff going on. 92.3 K-Rock calls them the best indie band in NYC (and if you know the # of bands in that city, you know how high that compliment reigns). Howard Stern keeps playing ‘Push the Bully’ over and over on his morning show. Rolling Rock has adopted the band for a huge print and TV ad campaign: Spin, Rolling Stone, VH1, Comedy Central. Unless you are really dense, it’ll be hard not to come across their hard edge of indie rock.

Switching between the straight ahead and poetic for lyrics, the music stays like a grinding Tool or Porno For Pyros, and some little rap asides like Rage Against the Machine and that crew. ‘In the Waiting’ and ‘Push the Bully’ are especially Of This Skin. Some great stuff in the tune Stern likes. ‘I made a new friend; I made him in my head / I made a new friend and this is what he said: / If they sweatin’ your mind (push the bully) / And you’re fallin’ in line (push the bully) / And they’re robbin’ you blind (push the bully) / Push the bully.’

I tend to like the more traditional rock parts (i.e. no hip hop influences, but that’s me), so the way we’re drawn into the disc, with ‘Leaving’ is a great ode to Stone Temple Pilots, without ever Attempting to sound Like someone else. ‘In one man, like one man over me / I climb the line / In waiting, it’s taking overtime / To come alive / I’m leaving.’

And the rawness of ‘Everything’ is one of the best. Not wicked but powerhouse guitar work and splashing drums that make the whole thing wake up like a zombie. ‘I like the way you feel / I was strong before / But now you make me kneel / And all I want is more / You make me numb / Keeping me dumb / You make me everything I hate.’

Clyde has won the ASCAP Popular Songwriter Award 2 years running, and they continue to play top NYC clubs, and just about every important arena in the east. Up next, on August 4th (2001), they’ll be performing at the Rolling Rock Town Fair with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Live, Incubus, Stained, The Deftones – in Latrobe, PA. Check it!

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