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CD REVIEW: Wings Over Water - Get Used To It
By Ben Ohmart - 07/31/2001 - 05:43 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Wings Over Water
Album: Get Used To It
CD Review: 13 tracks, 47 minutes of original pop. I'd be interested to hear what genre WOW think they should be listed under. The opening cut, 'Get Used To It,' captures the raw excitement that Edie Brekel and the New Bohemians and Janis Joplin came up with. That fresh face that sounds live even when it's deep in the studio. 'I am who I am, regardless of your ability to understand / I know what I know, no matter how much you try to tell me "it's not so" / I feel what I feel, you cannot tell me what is real.' Lead singer Kathy Moser suggests you get used to it.

The other Wings Over Water are Anthony Krizan on bass, lead guitar and etc., and Dave Anthony on drums. Other guest musicians come and go, but it is Kathy, writer of all tracks, who is the power behind the sound. The cd debuted at the Morristown Unitarian Fellowship, a smoke and alcohol free environment. That's just what the music sounds like too. All natural.

WOW's songs are full of overcoming the usual, the handicaps of life. She is determined to make a bad thing good. Just an ear on 'Waiting for the Light' tells it. With the organ in the back, the sparkly drums and the acoustic guitar so ingrained into the tune you can only Really hear the pick against the strings. 'Life and death, they're suddenly so real, all at once there's everything to feel / Unlike me, I've got nothing to say, and no one to say to it anyway.'

And 'Compelled to the Edge,' which is anything but a ballad either. 'High up this ledge, compelled to the edge / To live or die, laugh or cry / It seems easy, so easy, so easy to choose / win or lose, but it's hard, it's hard for me / I am compelled to the edge.' Has the wildest electric guitar of anything else on the album and a rawer sense of vocals.

Not crazy about the live production quality, but it's a good ad for what they probably sound like out in the open. Check 'em out. Reality over glam, that's them.

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