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CD REVIEW: Kamal - Reiki Whale Song
By Ben Ohmart - 08/08/2001 - 08:59 PM EDT

Artist: Kamal
Album: Reiki Whale Song
CD Review: The easiest review to write is one in which the reviewer already has his mind made up before the cd gets plucked out of the case. This happened with Kamal’s new Reiki Whale Song. I was immediately pro-intimidated by the label, New Earth Records, know for its high quality new age landscape recordings; plus the title; plus the long lengths of tracks. 7 tracks, over an hour’s worth of instrumental magic from Dolphin Award-winner Kamal, one of Australia’s wonder men.

Disappointed when the disc began to spin? Of course not! As the cd itself warns, this is ‘designed specifically for Reiki, meditation, massage or relaxation.’ New Age Voice calls it ‘an essential addition to any healing collection!’ As well as a few other choice compliments.

The vowel vocal accompaniments to ‘Song of the Deep’ is a succinct and peaceful blend between man and ‘beast,’ filled with synthesized magic for 7 minutes like acupuncture for the mind. The bllooop blooop and tonal acquisitions that float around the keyboards are married with pristine certitude.

New age like this, for souls of an open mind and increasingly relaxing shoulder muscle, is difficult to turn down in today’s society of ever-shrinking habitats and new Bush-designated Alaskan drilling (sorry, had to throw that in). This is a gentle way of escape, as Kamal insinuates us into his ‘Enchanted Worlds’ where nothing is threatened, and sound becomes an older world, before man screwed up the lot.

Quite simply, this is a cd worth getting. Save yourself.

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