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CD REVIEW: Ray – Ethereal Journey
By Ben Ohmart - 08/13/2001 - 09:43 PM EDT

Artist: Ray
Album: Ethereal Journey
CD Review: I’ve never done this before, but because I agree with just about everything I read in Ray’s cd booklet and the promo sheet that came with it, I’m going to quote for almost the entire review. Why paraphrase?

‘There are many reasons to take this journey. The music can contribute to numerous personal experiences including meditation, massage, yoga, therapy, street, relief relaxation, love-making, healing……’ ‘Ethereal Journey takes the listener on a musical trip through the universe using gently-melodic space music.’

‘Ray’s main musical influences are Tangerine Dream, Patrick O’Hearn, Liquid Mind, Jonn Serrie…… Ray, who composes all his own music, is inspired by nature sounds and scenery, reading, meditation, his son, personal events in his life, and the thrill of experimenting in the recording studio. All the music on Ethereal Journey was created by Ray on synthesizers.’

‘Ray’s engineering skills brought him a Gold Record Award for a recording with Dio; Gold and Platinum Awards for albums with Stevie Nicks and the Pointer Sisters; and a Double Platinum Award for his work on a Ratt project.’

‘With my music, I don’t care if someone puts on headphones, closes their eyes and imagines outer space, or they put the album on at low volume in the background at a dinner party so they can talk over it. There are many ways to utilize music.’

‘Ethereal Journey is the result of my dream to create music with a new edge by blending it with the ambience of nature and hypnotic sound effects.’

‘The album is available at select stores and by going to the website.’ 10 tracks of relaxing, winding instrumentals. Get it.

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