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CD REVIEW: Larry Kucharz Techno Unit 32: Misc. Tracks
By Ben Ohmart - 09/03/2001 - 11:44 AM EDT

Artist: Larry Kucharz
Album: Techno Unit 32: Misc. Tracks
CD Review: Larry Kucharz is back with his Techno Unit 32 again, sweeping a very competent synth into the groove of American dance via selections of techno, drum and bass, hardcore, dub, house and of course his greatest achievement, minimalist techno, for which hes growing in stature and breadth.

I will admit to being a slight dunce when it comes to Larrys new style here, progressive classical. The orchestration is nothing like classical, and the very nature of the term progressive (in rock music at least) is that the tune/format/form progresses to some alternate state. Still, as repetitive as the 2 tracks of this genre are, I find U311 one of the most enjoyable, most artistically challenging. Actually, when I think about it, in comparison to the other 10 tracks, it Is progressive, lapsing into a different breath, a stranger rhythm from itself just 24 bars later.

But for the relaxing moment, U922, is a Dub that puts you at once at ease among the 7 minutes. True, the titles get a bit hard to fathom (maybe its like 7-Up: the # of the best experiment), but these arent called Misc. Tracks for no reason. Every cut is definable unto itself without ever going the cheap way of electronica and just switching a beat or phrase and viola! A new tune! No, Larrys into the depth and precision of electronics as a new man-made syndrome of music. Its easy to tell he has too much respect for the genre to attempt tricks for the sake of filling out a disc.

Hence, the Misc. Tracks. For the first time, Larry shows it All off, not just one groove per cd. This is the way to go. You cant please everyone. But giving enough of your Whole self onto one 71 minute release is the best way to make no enemies. Larry knows the Sound of techno. You may want more violence out of this sort of music, more shake, but you wont find a cleaner sound, a more rigorous love for machine-driven pace than right here.

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