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CD REVIEW: Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble – Music for the Healing Arts
By Ben Ohmart - 09/29/2001 - 02:24 PM EDT

Artist: Dean Evenson & Soundings Ensemble
Album: Music for the Healing Arts
CD Review: All reviews are current, exclaiming delight at only the Newest music, because as soon as a new cd comes from this label, it goes in my cd player the same day. No waiting. Like Pavlov’s dog, I know that’s coming when the Soundings name is on the disc. 60 minutes or more of new age-studded electronics that remove the real world and put in its place a natural, instrumental environment that is as clear and breathtaking as a mountain stream, with no headaches, no additives, no hard times ahead.

Music for the Healing Arts is a 10 track, 60 minute amalgamation of previous Soundings of the Planet releases, plus 2 new tracks. Taking cuts from award-winning cds like Tao of Healing, Sound Healing and Ocean Dreams, this is one of the best samplers I’ve ever heard. Of course I’m biased since I love the music so much and have been listening steadily for about 4 years. But I think I have enough objective brain cells within me to say that anyone who’s into new age, or even the softer mode of electronica (mixed with real flute and harp of course), will not be disappointed. If anything, this particular cd will tell you which albums to go after with force.

Dean Evenson – flutes, keys
Tom Barabas – piano, keys
Li Xiangting – guqin
Scott Huckabay – guitar
Dudley Evenson – harp
d’Rachael – harp

Those are the magic makers. Elegant, melodic, sparkling with bright production. This is mood music. An upgrade from wandering depression to wondering gladness.

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