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CD REVIEW: Cybertribe – Immortality
By Ben Ohmart - 10/13/2001 - 11:18 AM EDT

Artist: Cybertribe
Album: Immortality
CD Review: The first thing you’ll hear on this 50 minute, 8 track disc is a didgeridoo, followed by a child offering you welcome…… As you might expect by just the name of the new label – New Earth Beat – an offshoot of New Earth Records, the first release, Cybertribe’s Immortality is a combo of old values and new equipment. World beat, dance and electronics. New age vs. laid back techno vs. world, in equal drive. Not a disco album. A chanting, highly pop composite of all things unexplained and magically delicious.

Headed by John Deere, Cybertribe’s method of crossing the culture line can be best expressed in ‘Outland’ with chants like Native Americans, a spiritualist rhythm against machine-made loops that more enhance than get in the way of anything ancient.

More subtly, try the acoustic lead-in to ‘Finding the Magic Oyster’ which slowly builds to its own sense of minute awareness, as if discovering a great and majestic world around itself. An audio eye opening to an un-peopled land that crashes with Oriental splendor and 360 degree wistfulness.

Indeed, the album is a plethora of colors, sniffs and moods that all race together to the mind like a bulging burst of oxygen, causing visions at once, and streaming video that plays on a one to one basis, different for every mind that listens, and every heart that tries to figure out the sounds.

GREAT way of starting a new line. I personally hope Cybertribe gets all the radio play it deserves and wants, and then more than that. Incredibly gifted and perceptive. Deserves to go top 20, if talent had anything to do with it.

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