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CD REVIEW: Morituri - Jerry Goldsmith & Raid on Entebbe - David Shire
By Ben Ohmart - 10/18/2001 - 09:28 PM EDT

Artist: Morituri
Album: Jerry Goldsmith & Raid on Entebbe - David Shire
CD Review: From the minds of Jerry Goldsmith and David Shire, current and past masters of the soundtracking craft, come 22 tracks, 58 minutes of exotic score from films of world violence and dramatic intrigue.

First off, Goldsmith's Morituri contains an eerie main theme reminiscent of his The Haunting score, which is interesting considering this is a kill-the-Nazi film, whose title translates as 'those who are about to die salute you.' The 1965 film starred Brando, and that was a busy year for Goldsmith. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, In Harm's Way and Our Man Flint were just a few things going on that year. Still, the murky, suspense quality of the film's soundtrack is delightfully sinister and certainly equal to a page-turning horror thriller. Though instead of pages, you wonder just where the next track is going take you. Don't play it at night.

The tail-end of the cd gives us Raid on Entebbe, from David Shire, currently just as prolific as Goldsmith. The film has to do with the hijacking of an Air France jet in 1976, though you wouldn't guess it by the opening moment of 'The Hijacking' which begins this business. Accordion and lounge music in the extreme. Yet after that first minute, yes, the strains of tension ooze, with pensive music as if the planning of a disaster movie is taking place.

Though Raid only gives us 4 tracks and 15 minutes of the whole 58 minutes, it's a welcome addition to the ride, blending in a different, though similarly updated world among terror and apprehension cues.

Shire co-produced the cd with Film Score Monthly guru Lukas Kendall. Kendall is almost single-handedly responsible for these highly sought-after, incredibly necessary, limited edition soundtrack cds. Only 3000 made. So grab it soon!

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