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CD REVIEW: Dene Marie Jomei
By Ben Ohmart - 10/21/2001 - 02:52 PM EDT

Artist: Dene Marie Jomei
CD Review: Dene Marie Jomei’s self-titled debut cd is a self-produced, eclectic brand of pop that draws upon a variety of styles, intonations, musical yard sales, and alternative-indie-acoustic peculiarities that demonstrate quite an ability. Whether or not she has fully picked a dominant direction to pursue is open to debate. However, the most important fact – for any singer – is to learn by doing. That’s just what’s happening here.

The dozen songs come up to 52 minutes, starting with the dance-pop rhythm of ‘Stay With Me.’ It’s one of the best, because of the plethora of vocals and guitars involved, a good, almost overblown (and that’s capital for the dance floor) production. ‘I call your number since you’re nowhere in sight / but no answer on the telephone tonight. / I’ve got to tell you something that’s been on my mind, / there’s an invitation waiting for you.’

She’s got an original voice, that often will raise to trills when she goes up high and holding. Good vocal range, which will only grow better with time. ‘Everything’ shows off her vocal prowess better than most. ‘I hear your voice it echoes in the night / alone I feel you reach for me from so far / you run from me, so afraid to see everything I am / if you ever wonder what you mean to me.’

Also ‘I Want To’ – my favorite of the cd – sparks to life with great acoustic guitar, and in being so electronically unmasked, manages to show off Dene’s voice more than any other track. Coffeehouse time! ‘Your touch is kind and dangerous / your all consuming star / your smile, so warm and wicked / taunting eyes, what’s in there?’

Dene has a ways to go still, for controlling the voice, and production quality, but wow, what a start.

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