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Marketing Your Songs On The Internet: Your Music Sales Website
By Mark Curran - 12/03/2001 - 06:32 PM EST

(c) 2001 Mark Curran. Used With Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Times have never been tougher in the music business for songwriters.

With major labels cutting back on releasing product, the music publishers are tightening their belts and that means fewer opportunities for getting your songs cut by major artists.

Even top songwriters with publishing deals are being let go at the end of their contract runs because the supply has outstripped the demand.

This leaves songwriters with the dilemma of having to evaluate how to continue doing what they love and be able to derive an income from it.

With more top name songwriters vying in an already crowded market, the new songwriter has little chance to get their songs heard, let alone cut.

But there is new hope, and it is a ray of light on the digital horizon.

Many songwriters have discovered they can record their songs and sell them directly to the public through the internet.

Just how is this done?

The steps are as follows:

1) Record your song
2) Put up a website
3) Convert your music to streaming audio
4) Set up e-commerce, or a way to process payments
5) Start marketing!

This is not to suggest this is an easy process, but it is also not difficult, certainly not as difficult as making demos and making phone calls and sending out demo packages month after month, year after year in hopes of getting a cut.

Will people buy your songs?

If you are writing and recording songs people love, and you work hard toward presenting and marketing your music online, the answer is yes!

There are now thousands of songwriters, musicians, and artists successfully selling their music on the internet.

These are your direct competitors.

But since each product is unique, and your music is as unique as it gets, you have a product that nobody else is offering.

Another thing to realize is that many of your indirect "competitors," fellow songwriters like yourself, do not even have a website!

Most songwriters simply rely on demos and mailing them out, and dismiss the web as a dot.bomb. Big mistake, and an assumption by many that can be a big advantage for you.

Yes, the existing competition is fierce, but did that stop you from making demos and sending them out? No! So why should that stop you from putting up a music sales website?

There are two major benefits to putting up a music sales website, and they are:

1) Increased exposure to consumers
2) Additional income source from direct sales

But Your music sales website can also serve a third major function, and that is as a way to attract music publishers to preview your songs for their artists.

Most music publishers will not accept unsolicited material, but they may be open to previewing your songs online. And even if they say they don't, if you create a big enough curiosity factor, they are
not going to be able to resist.

One thing is for certain, your music sales website will give you an additional powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, one that should not be overlooked.

Taking your career into your own hands also has a psychological advantage. Working toward your goals by taking a proactive role such as this, you can see tangible results.

Having a website where people can preview and buy your music is not an expensive investment, but it can provide big benefits, and give you a greater sense of professionalism, both to yourself, and to the people who you do business with.

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