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CD REVIEW: Spectre VII - Twilight's Dawning
By Ben Ohmart - 01/20/2002 - 09:12 PM EST

Artist: Band: Spectre VII
Album: Twilight's Dawning
CD Review: Spectre VII is the brainchild of Aaron Funk, son of famed composer Eric Funk. Call it trance or electronica or techno, the one given is that it is clearly, in the words of Aaron himself, ‘original electronic music that moves the body and the soul.’

This is the 5th release from Spectre VII since its first Nightmare (that’s the title) in 1996, but if this is how a 26 year old artist expands, I’m eager to hear more. Though even if there’s a wait for the next cd, at 72 minutes and 12 tracks, there’s plenty to enjoy for a while.

‘Train to Beyond’ is one of my favorites, not just because of the pulsating rhythms and quick switch from speaker to speaker, but because there’s an underlying melody that is trying to escape its loose but colorful electronic confines. It’s quite easy to imagine that this is actually an instrumental remix on a hit single, destined for club floor greatness. It’s not, but it would be easy to believe.

The whole rocking space fantasy is instrumental, spilling good times and speed onto the onlooker with frightening skill. I don’t know how many trance-agers are involved with the actual performing and production of this cd, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Aaron handles it all himself with fluid chagrin.

’Phase Aire’ lights my cerebral fire, allowing enough busy drones to project themselves through the area like a Tie Fighter late for work, but still gives me a hypnotic pause in the wake of everything shaking.

Well, well, well worth trying and buying, because when music gets behind you and Pushes, it’s all downhill on roller skates.

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