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CD REVIEW: Joi Veer - On
By Eliot Popkin - 01/23/2002 - 05:18 PM EST

Artist: Joi Veer
Album: On
CD Review: Gosh who does this sound like? I just can't put my musical finger on it, but it's real pleasing. The opener "A Simple Wish" starts out with a pretty guitar rift, emotive vocals and the welcoming lyric "Ya better be careful what ya go asking for... 'Cos you might - you might just get it." One real pleasing thing about this is Joi is backed by a real tight rhythm section. I love listening to music where the groove is tight and the band just sounds real good together. Ain't that somethin.

The first few songs really hit home in an uptempo rock kind of way. The energy is high throughout, you really hear the guitars and there's a lot of opportunities to ... as Busta Rhymes would say ... break your neck, however I'm talking in the rocker kinda way. "I know what I know" is a real nice reminder of the pop rock sounds coming out of the 80s. After the first 3 songs, I was interested in hearing something a bit softer - which is beautifully recited in "Somewhere In Your Soul." My favorite cut here is the uptempo funky "In The Dark" - I think it would make a great dance song too. The only suggestion I would make is for Joi to frame his choruses a bit stronger, so they stand out more. Joi has a very original voice which is a great selling point for him. Throughout this disc, the guitar playing is beautiful, strong and emotive. A fine debut from an engaging songwriter.

contact: (201) 319-1023

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