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CD REVIEW: Sandy Kay - 8355
By Eliot Popkin - 01/23/2002 - 05:20 PM EST

Artist: Sandy Kay
Album: 8355
CD Review: The album title 8355 comes from the street number where Sandi grew up, and the CD even includes baby pictures of each player on the CD. How cool is that! Sometimes I can't hear any comparisons, and sometimes I hear them right off the bat. I hear a wonderful Shawn Colvin and Beth Nielsen-Chapman influence in these songs and in Sandi's voice. Sandi is so on with her harmonies that she perfectly frames her own voice, and really adds almost a haunting quality to them. It's best heard on "This Night"; "This night will never stay, This night will still go by, Thought with a million stars, I pin it to the sky, This night will still go by."

The third track "Everything" starts off pure and simple with acoustic guitar, and throughout adds a nice touch of congas. My favorite here is the title track "8355" - where those famous Sandi harmonies sing "Let it out, let it go, let it fly, Lift your face up to the sky." Sandi is a promising writer and has a really pleasing voice. The only thing I would suggest here is in the arrangements. They seem to be a bit passive here, and I think they could really beef up the overall sound and enjoyment of this album. One song was written in 1983, and while it is a great song, I would suggest perhaps giving it a modern lift in the arrangement. Sandi will find a welcome audience in the folk festival and coffeehouse circuit. Congratulations on a fine debut.


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