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CD REVIEW: Dean Evenson - Healing Sanctuary
By Ben Ohmart - 02/01/2002 - 06:08 PM EST

Artist: Dean Evenson
Album: Healing Sanctuary
CD Review: The experience of another Dean Evenson CD is always refreshing to me. Never disappointing, always enchanting, Dean and company forever seem to have the ability to keep the magic in music alive without ever a) making it redundant or b) speaking without first having something to say. That this is all instrumental ‘new age’ music doesn’t lift power away from the premise that you should remain prolific only if you have enough messages to send. Well, it’s true enough with these people.

Dean Evenson - flutes, keys
d’Rachael - harp
Dudley Evenson - handharp, tamboura
Scott Huckabay - guitar
Phil Heaven - viola, hammered dulcimer

Soundings of the Planet (Peace Through Music is its motto) is Dean’s own label which he seems to lord with a love of spiritualist pride. This newest release invites you to ‘enter a healing sanctuary of sound and let your soul experience shelter from the storms of life.’ It is a disc made for ‘healing relief, even in the midst of personal or planetary turmoil.’ Even for those of you who don’t cotton to an understanding of the unseen, consider the Real world relaxation which Healing Sanctuary represents. I never like to break Dean’s cds up into tracks to expound upon. I consider the work as a whole to be flowing and as natural as sand, and as complicated as time. Complicated like dreams certainly, in that every listener will pull away something new and different from the next man/woman.

I’d also like to compliment the new disc on its stunning cd cover artwork and concept. The earth bounces from the peace of green trees and a waterfall through old doors that open up into a room. What is this room? Perhaps it’s what we make of it. Regardless, the music is gorgeous and thoughtful. The most difficult thing you’ll find is to remain aloof from it. Introspective thinking will prevail by the time these 62 minutes are up.

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