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CD REVIEW: Conceptualistic Departure
By Ben Ohmart - 02/12/2002 - 08:21 PM EST

Artist: Band: Conceptualistic Departure
CD Review: Hereís an original thought. Rather than electronic electronica, why not try indie-alternative electronica, subbing the indie sound of electric guitar, drums, bass and some keyboard work in place of an all-synth division of power. The looping, the sound effects, but the rhythm coming from the drummer, not the finger on the Yamaha.

Thatís how this 50+ minute cd goes, that how it progresses. Thereís no track list on the cd, which is hardly surprising, given the elements youíll encounter on your trip down the traffic that begins the cd. Imagine yourself blindfolded, then taken out into the world (led by your own private band so you donít bump into the wrong people), where you will stop and listen to players on the street, youíll be led down odd steps and interesting smells into tight little clubs where there is barely room enough for a stage, where blonde and black hair touches you, but are they male, female or human?

Itís difficult to understand or label some of what you hear. In the 7 minute track 5, the bass and the quivering electronic sound give way to the opening carnival sounds of track 6 before your leading band pumps back in amidst the horse clopping down the street and the rollercoaster interlude, taking you God knows where.

Needless to say, some great stuff within. I love the exploratory nature of this beast, flowing with melodies that are ready to catch you offguard, yet which seem to wind their way into snatches of dialogue, bright spots of rap or long areas of uncharted intrigue, like a zombie trying to find the right mall.

Of COURSE this disc wonít be for everyone. Thatís the way itís made. You have to have open eyes and an open mind and you have to understand that Reality is a conglomerate of id and snappy muck on a stick.

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