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CD REVIEW: DB Leonard - after all
By Eliot Popkin - 02/21/2002 - 10:47 PM EST

Artist: DB Leonard
Album: after all
CD Review: Isn't this just a multi-talented superstar waiting to happen? This fabulous 8-song disc is also a soundtrack for the film "Down on Brighton" which Leonard wrote the score for? Ok, I'm impressed. The disc starts off with the emotional, engaging "After All" in which Leonard sings "we were scared of the dark after all, after all, the monsters we'd seen, after all." You can hear these songs really lifting a movie to new places. "After All" starts on an acoustic tip, and then adds a nice dance groove. It is completely unexpected but it fits nicely. It's a fabulous beginning to an album that is strong throughout.

Also a real nice listen is "down on brighton" in which Leonard sings "if you don't want cowboys don't give boys guns." Leonard's voice is perfect for the songs he sings. It is emotive, fresh, unafraid to yell, or be quiet or be his own voice. He trades vocals on "half as fragile" with Sandy Bell singing "you can talk to me, talk to me, talk to me." God is it good. One of those moments you find on acoustic albums where you can hear the emotion, hear the feelings 'cause it's all you hear. You hear me? I don't know who Mr. Leonard sounds like. I don't care. I often take note when the backing band deserves a note. Man is this band good; real tight, crisp sound, very non-intrusive and just plain professional players. Overall, what a beautiful album. Makes me want to go see the movie. Way to go Mr. Leonard, keep up the fine work.

(212) 643-5432

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