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CD REVIEW: Effron White - Day In The Sun
By Eliot Popkin - 02/21/2002 - 10:56 PM EST

Artist: Effron White
Album: Day In The Sun
CD Review: This multi-award winning singer/songwriter brings forth a wonderful collection of americana/folktales. This, White's first recording, is the type of album you'd want to to while sitting on a front porch drinking lemonade, surrounded by the musicians just jamming and having a good time singing these songs. Ahhhhhh. In "Right Next To Nothing" White and harmony vocals deliver "As long as she stays here and don't up and leave, She'll have right next to nothing, but me." It's a dark lyric, yet the words just come to life in White's gravely baritone supported by a strong, strong band. White has fun in the uptempo "Start My Thing", singing "All the ladies get crazy, When I start my thing." Well all right now.

White is a writer's writer; really delving beyond the everyday into the extraordinary moments that we all have, yet don't always talk about. "A woman in love is like an angel up above, She spends her time waitin' by the door." Enough said? On the upbeat "Town Within The Town" White's gravely voice sounds like everyone's best friend singing "Laughin' like spring, smilin' like June, Listening to a guitar picker pickin' a tune." It's a pleasure listening to good music, and my hat goes off to this fabulous array of musicians, produced by the obviously gifted Emily Kaitz. It's just a fine, fine sounding collection. Enjoy.

Effron White (501) 521-1563

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