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CD REVIEW: Jeffrey Michael – Kaleidoscope
By Ben Ohmart - 03/12/2002 - 01:28 PM EST

Artist: Jeffrey Michael
Album: Kaleidoscope
CD Review: His influences are George Winston and James Horner and John Williams, and it shows. He has sold over 35k of his 5 cds, including the current one, and for being born in only 1977, that’s quite an achievement. Who is this wonderbread? Jeffrey Michael of course. He of the gentle piano solos albums, with a touch as graceful as Rick Wakeman, and a thoughtfulness for mood that’s every bit as supple and serene as that Winston hero of his.

Apart from having performed in Italy, Corsica, for the American Cancer Society, Fox Family Channel, touring all over creation, and doing regular concerts at various Borders and Barnes & Noble bookstores, the man is busy launching a film scoring career in his St. Petersburg, FL abode. He just did Biker Zombies From Detroit, and is set to have a go at Dumping Ground, starring Jeff Goldblum and Dennis Hopper.

But back at the Kaleidoscope, Jeffrey takes pause from the rush of Hollywood infiltration to go back to what he does best – simple and elegant piano melodies that are built for the smooth at heart. Taken as a whole, without resorting to title-dropping, the 52 minute cd is like listening to the ocean when you don’t have to worry about earning money. Time flies, and before you realize it, the sun is setting and it’s time to go home. Every time I turn around, I have to press repeat play because the 52 minutes are gone, and there’s silence in the room once again.

Peace. Tranquility. All the best events of so-called age and classic labels like Soundings of the Planet are involved and wash over your overbusy mind until you succumb to the baser elements of your own internal tide and you make yourself RELAX. Or, Jeffrey Michaels does it for you. Always best to get the experts in on it anyway.


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