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CD REVIEW: Belinda Scroggins - Mystical Madness
By Eliot Popkin - 03/19/2002 - 07:12 PM EST

Artist: Belinda Scroggins
Album: Mystical Madness
CD Review: This 11 song CD from Cincinnatian (can I say that?) Belinda Scroggins begins with the slow rocker "I Sleep With The Light On." Probably the first thing that you feel something for is Belinda's voice. It's a colorful, dark, bluesy, emotive vehicle for her contemplative lyrics and songs. She reminds me of Sheryl Crow, but a deeper voice, and a bit darker of a sound. While I feel Belinda's voice is most at home rocking through great pop songs like the opener, it doesn't stop her from bringing the tempo down in the second song, delivering a haunting piano ballad called "The Wanting Never Fades."Apparently, she has a few tricks up her sleeve.

I was surprised again at the quiet, simple "I Go To Extremes." Belinda softly sings "I can disappear without a trace, and go dancing with the devil in hell." Her lyrics are a bit cryptic, not really sure exactly what she is saying or perhaps who she is talking about. That's part of the fun here; with each listen you hear something different and learn something new about this woman and her voice. As she sings "What does it mean, what does it mean, when I go to extremes?" - the listener can wonder, and enjoy, and follow her as she questions. It will be interesting to hear her questions and answers the next time around. Perhaps the future of her muse is found in her lyric from "Prophets" - "I'm speaking to the prophets, that linger in my head, they give me bad advice, the fear on which I fed." Overall, a truly original voice and one that will only get deeper, sweeter and truer with time. A fine debut Ms. Scroggins.


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