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CD REVIEW: James Velvet - Bones 'n Clones
By Eliot Popkin - 03/19/2002 - 07:15 PM EST

Artist: James Velvet
Album: Bones 'n Clones
CD Review: Mr. Velvet , a past opening act for The Stray Cats, offers up 8 songs on his 2nd release as a solo singer/songwriter. The album opener "I Got A Shirt" is a quick sing-a-long about his favorite shirt. It's a real nice introduction into some strong songwriting and a great rhythm section. Mr. Velvet has a refreshing no-nonsense approach to his songwriting. He's a fine storyteller, most evident in the americana/roots tinged "John Alley"; singing "John Alley was born in 1911 in a wooden glade, earthly heaven, golden fields and hillside dreams, nourished his soul and fed his dreams."

John has a storyteller voice, not overly strong or trying too hard, just simple and effective as a storytelling tool. The final song, "New England", is a personal favorite here; "If you're ever up in New England, stop by and see me sometime... oh oh New England, we're happy to stay right here" Maybe it's because I'm a Boston boy at heart, but it's a pleasing listen nonetheless. You can really hear Mr. Velvet having a great time here. It's a shame that lyrics aren't included, cause it would be a treat to better follow along with the songs. Overall, a treat to listen to and a recommendation to check this man out live. As he closes the album with; "we'll have a wonderful time."

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