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CD REVIEW: Moz Taylor – Let It Flow
By Ben Ohmart - 03/24/2002 - 12:11 PM EST

Artist: Moz Taylor
Album: Let It Flow
CD Review: Half-recorded around the infamous Sept. 11th time, half-recorded in Montreal where Celine Dion was in the next room and steaming through the air vent, Moz Taylor’s new Let It Flow is a conglomeration of catchy pop and rock that uses some fine helpers.

But for me, the album really starts at the 3rd track, when ‘Love Flows In’ with some very jazzy, breezy pop melody, complete with multi-backing voices, trumpet solo and solid craftmanship. ‘It’s just an old photo taken years ago / Young guy and his wife, a child he holds / It’s just an old photo, my family photo / From the smile on his face I can clearly trace / A life of love poured into the people around him.’

And then there’s the very 80s sounding ‘Your Way With Time’ that comes on like a Peter Gabriel jeweled egg that is always odd and a surprise to find. After that comes the soft synth-drum-bass beat of ‘Myth of Lorelei,’ a mystic piece of love. ‘Eyes such a different color / Lips taste of wine / You would be taken over / By the myth of Lorelei / Heart sings the sweetest love song / Skin a touch divine.’

The dozen tracks come out to 45 minutes and ultimately have something for everyone. Especially if you’re into the Joe Cocker way of laying down tracks: give the audience something different every time the number on the cd player changes, alter the tone, add more female backing vocals for one, take them all away for another, keep the bass low and imposing, let the solo players have their moment of sunshine, and you’ve got an indie hit on your hands.

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