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CD REVIEW: Kari Tieger – En Francais, S’il Te Plait
By Ben Ohmart - 03/30/2002 - 11:37 AM EST

Artist: Kari Tieger
Album: En Francais- S’il Te Plait
CD Review: Not only is this a French album, but it’s that creature in the traditional style of the music word, with the emphasis on spicing up this otherwise ‘world’ genre concept with lots of cute and interesting touches. I.E. this ain’t pop music, unless you listen to the sort of classic pop that began long before Elvis started shaking.

Apart from this 23 track cd being sung all in French (but with English lyrics printed inside the booklet), it’s quite amazing what breadth of sounds emanate from Kari’s repertoire, as if we are hearing a solid evening’s entertainment at whatever café keeps the acts coming and coming while the patrons’ coffee is sipped.

From the narrative of the sound effected ‘L’imagination d’une Malade’ to the beautiful viola and cello instrumentals of ‘Suite des saisons’ (or ‘Seasonal Suite’), and a plethora of highly original, passionate straight songs, it seems that all European motifs and moods are accounted for.

One of my favorites – if not The favorite – on the album is the 3rd track, ‘Si Seulement’ which is sung much like a Broadway character song (minus the ever-increasing key changes). It’s a beautiful and strong sounding piece of confident vocal (like a French miss who Knows how to work the busy and sometimes cold streets), piano (also pitched skillfully by Kari), drums, and violin. The way she twists certain words, and the overall foreign poetry of this one makes it intriguing and rather wonderful.

Then there’s the acoustic guitar/bongo rule of the speechy ‘De Sentir Bien des Choses’ and the progressive piano/keyboard of ‘Jardin de la Reine’ with some haunting cello from Barbara Zdravesky. Like all great musicians, knowing what solid work to put in supporting roles is 55% of the battle toward making a hot disc.

Without question I would suggest this cd to all Lovers of Music who are Past tired of the usual pop/rock sounds that haunt all radios and Walmarts in the land. If you’re very interested in hearing what is Possible to record, but seldom sees the light of France, check into Teri’s wares.

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