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CD REVIEW: Carltonfisk – Salt
By Ben Ohmart - 04/17/2002 - 04:07 PM EDT

Artist: Carltonfisk
Album: Salt
CD Review: I’ve never been a huge fan of the alternative indie sound, even when it was fresh and ‘original’ (whatever original means), but there are rare birds of paradise that fly in here that make me change my alt-tune. Sometimes there’s that odd band with an infectious quality, like the Beatles, that you Know you should like, and know you don’t want to. But you like them anyway. Well, I’m certainly not close minded; just have my own little quirks, like everyone else. But Carltonfisk is a modern rock group that can overcome all inhibitions of even the most traditionally minded pop and rock fans.

Of the catchy ones, catch ‘Famous on the Moon.’ Beginning and ending with a sort of sci-fi Morse code, soon the electronic twitters and bass set the otherworldly scene for a guitar grind above the words ‘White hot, stretched taut, feline and agile / The line of your back, sinew yet fragile / You give off intermittent codes and dashes once forbidden, I am smitten / I am a gamma powered peak preserver / The plan, one man caught up in the fervor /
I see what's god within you, what six or seven can go into, please continue / I can take big steps with ease and you don't need much air to breathe / I know we'd get on famous on the moon.’

Carltonfisk (named after an old millionaire baseball player) contains 100% of Scott Campbell, Josh Flagg, Scott Kelliher and Steve Sykes. Some incredible talent there. Solid skill in performances and melodic songwriting both.

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