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CD REVIEW: dial M - Close Your Eyes
By Eliot Popkin - 04/22/2002 - 03:19 PM EDT

Artist: Band: dial M
Album: Close Your Eyes
CD Review: Man if this isn't the most interesting thing I have heard in a while. Dial M is a one-man outfit who writes, plays and programs everything. The 10 song journey begins with "Reduce the Struggle" a soulful dance offering with various spoken word samples throughout. "Turn it on... reduce the struggle... your body will pass through death... love is the payoff." The second song "Forgiveness" again offers some tight, trip-hop beats with the spoken word "What is forgiveness, It's the most powerful thing..." This isn't necessarily music for the masses but I can see dial M finding a huge following in the dance genre. It reminds me a bit of why the masses embraced Enigma. Their beats were powerful and pleasing, and I hear the same thing hear in dial M's disc.

I also really appreciate the fact that he chooses his words carefully. Lyrically, these songs don't follow a standard 4 line verse, 4 line chorus, etc. That's just not present here. However, how long has it been since someone in pop music asked, "What is forgiveness?" Amen I say. Overall, this is some real pleasing music, some wonderful lyric messages and I do hope dial M finds his audience. The press notes mention that dial M took 7 years off and then started writing songs that spoke of redemption, love and inner growth. Time well spent sir. Time well spent.

(973) 509-1912

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