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CD REVIEW: Firebug - Fragile
By Eliot Popkin - 04/22/2002 - 03:20 PM EDT

Artist: Firebug
Album: Fragile
CD Review: Firebug is a 4 piece outfit hailing from Los Angeles. The punk/alternative disc starts off with "The Hard Way" a pleasing off-beat rocker to get things started. Frontperson Juliette Tworsey has a real awesome voice, able to sing both soft and innocent and hard and bluesy. My favorite here is "Wise Girl", in which Juliette sings with both power and regret simultaneously "If I knew then what I think that I know now way back when, I'd be a wise girl." A frontperson can say so much about a band, and hearing this song the way Juliette sings it, I wouldn't be surprised if this band makes it. You can just picture women of all ages identifying with this lyric, singing along as loud as possible. Heck, I identified with it and I ain't even a girl. I can even see the video for it now... hmm maybe I should produce it.

This band can really rock out, evident on the title song, also the longest song on the record "Fragile." One band that I'm reminded of when I hear this band is 4 Non Blondes. They don't sound all that alike, but I get that same feeling when I first heard Linda Perry sing. There is a real fire in this band, and you can just hear them itching to get out. There are some interesting lyrics to sink one's teeth into throughout this album, and alas... none are available in the CD jacket. Why is it that bands do that? I still don't have my answer. Overall, a great listen from a band that I am sure we will be hearing a lot more from.

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