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CD REVIEW: Kiki Ebsen - Love Loud
By Eliot Popkin - 04/22/2002 - 03:21 PM EDT

Artist: Kiki Ebsen
Album: Love Loud
CD Review: I have had the absolute pleasure of seeing Miss Ebsen perform live one time, and receiving her CD to review was a real treat. Kiki oozes sincerity and warmth with each lyric and the CD doesn't disappoint at all. The album starts off with probably the catchiest tune - "Nobody." In this first song, Kiki sings "all that you built, and all that you worked for, she just gave away for nothing." The second song "Know You Better" is a similar pop/acoustic gem. You get the feeling that Kiki really knows her own voice. Both as a writer and a singer, she sounds real comfortable and it's nice to hear someone so comfortable. Throughout the disc, Kiki follows similar terrain in that she writes some deep stuff and yet her voice soothes you as she sings over each lyric. It's a fine line to have such lyrical depth and still present it in a pleasing, pop sensability. She crosses that line over and over again with ease and grace.

Kiki plays piano and sings each track, and is backed by some very talented and unobtrusive players. The arrangements breathe and never overindulge. For singer/songwriters starting out or thinking of recording their first album, I would strongly urge them to listen to this record. It's a fine example of strong songwriting, gorgeous vocals and pleasing arrangements. Lastly, it's my pleasure to say that the top 10 albums of 2002 include Kiki Ebsen - Love Loud. May we all follow Kiki's suggestion; and love loud.

(818) 889-5397

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