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CD REVIEW: Unisex Salon - 3 song sampler
By Eliot Popkin - 04/22/2002 - 03:22 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Unisex Salon
Album: 3 song sampler
CD Review: Unisex is sure an interesting outfit to look at, and the 3 song sampler is quite a cool introduction into this pop/punk band. They call themselves "sexy glam rock." They even have a bass player named Vegetable Jo Mein. I don't make this stuff up kids. The first song "Sun Don't Shine" is an uptempo dance-pleaser. I can't really make out all the lyrics but I did hear "Monday always comes too late, Tuesday's looking really grey..." I would venture to say this song is about never having enough time. The second song "Fat Ass" is a midtempo song which begins "when you slit your wrists don't you know that everyone still says that you look fat..." Did she really just sing that? Yes Eliot, she did. The last song "Shine" is the most rocking one here, with a real tight groove.

One nice change you do hear here is that this band is fronted by both a man and a woman. Their voices complement each other nicely and they don't seem to be fighting for any spotlight at all. The arrangements and grooves are really tight throughout which help to balance some really outrageous lyrics. I wish I could say that I 'get this.' I want to get it and it's obvious that Unisex Salon has a vision. I don't know what that vision is yet. Perhaps we will hear it more clearly on their full-length debut.

Contact: (646) 303-7171

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