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CD REVIEW: Larry Kucharz – Cyber Choral Colors
By Ben Ohmart - 04/30/2002 - 11:44 AM EDT

Artist: Larry Kucharz
Album: Cyber Choral Colors
CD Review: Larry’s electronically induced cds have been coming to my door for a few years now, and I’ve yet to be disappointed with them. True, his particular brand of music is more minimalism than most of society is ready to embrace. But for those of us who love sound collages that challenge the mind and spirit, Larry does it better than most.

At times, these 14 tracks and 70+ minutes range from cathedral to horror movie tense. Take the organ-like qualities of ‘CyberFog’ which indeed blend these styles in a simplistic pattern of shape shifting splendor. In a flowing, endless expanse of electronic sound, it is easy to find the film to which this score might graft itself. The music is on edge, but slowly trying to creep off the edge and hide itself in the unknown.

Equally dominant in these audio surroundings is a big dose of ambient eye-stretching. Like prayer, there is a deep belief in another world here, a greater world, one of promise and more compassion. Often, there is a vocal quality to the music without the vocals present. ‘Fugal Red’ is one such example, again, in a very church-like setting, yet without all the bombastic pomp required to keep from being put off by the religion.

Other reviews of Larry’s previous efforts are sprinkled with such praise as vision… genius… dreamscape… beauty – and longer, justified compliments. Treat yourself to an instrumental bath of unreal tonal qualities, and listen to Larry’s latest.

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