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CD REVIEW: TampaStan – Don’t You Ever Grow Old
By Ben Ohmart - 06/01/2002 - 11:32 AM EDT

Artist: TampaStan
Album: Don’t You Ever Grow Old
CD Review: Stan Good (TampaStan) has come up with 10 songs that are so infectious you’ll have to give E cream to your friends to make sure it doesn’t spread.

To begin with, the hit comes at the commencement: ‘Pig Out’ is a quirky comic song that is filled to the gut with clever musical touches like snorting, pig calling and oinking during this tribute to overeating. Luckily, as in all comic songs, since the lyrics are almost the most important part, TampaStan has fine enunciation, letting you understand all he’s saying. The tinkling piano and spry beat will make this a family favorite.

Anyone who is a fan of Benny Hill will love this album. While it’s not exactly a joke-lyric album, it does have that sound to it (and I don’t mean Yakety Sax): bright female backing vocals that shout up into the humorous situations, with fun, big-ish arrangements glued firmly in place.

The best picks include ‘Redneck Heaven,’ ‘Redneck Rock Heaven’ and the atmospheric violin & twang of ‘Cries in the Night.’ As you may guess by the two Rednecks, this is a distinctly country-painted album, and is destined to get a lot of bar scenes if The Dukes of Hazzard, the Next Generation ever sees the light.

Frankly, it’s good clean fun, and that in itself is enough of a reason to buy. True, you may not find this stuff anywhere outside of Dr. Demento or some wacko folk radio shows, but damn if it isn’t entertaining to the last!

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