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CD REVIEW: Carolyn Fok – The Listener
By Ben Ohmart - 06/04/2002 - 10:53 AM EDT

Artist: Carolyn Fok
Album: The Listener
CD Review: Had I known what sort of music Ms. Fok was involved with, I would’ve reviewed this DOUBLE CD long before now. First, anyone who isn’t ‘known’ to masses of people and who releases a double cd in this day of economics has to be commended for nerve and vision. Second, especially when the music is this good and a double dose is therefore instantly wanted.

Let me sing the praises of Carolyn Fok, who produced, mixed, wrote, performed everything on this album. She was nominated twice for this recording – for Best Pop Instrumental Album, and Best Engineered Album/Non-Classical.

She’s a beautiful woman, a talented woman, and needs to marry me! This is her 3rd album, as far as I can make out, with another on the way. But what seems to occupy her time the most is her art.

Aside from 2 CDs, what you’ll get with this purchase is a lovely mini-art collection of her paintings and prose poetry. She is an accomplished artist, with a string of awards for stunning work going on for several screens on her webpage. You need to check it out. From realism to imaginative fantasy, Fok’s work is varied and to every subjective eye, good.

‘But the music!’ Well, technically, it’s of the caliber of Brian Eno, Kitaro and earlier Tangerine Dream. Rather ambient, new age, techno, classical-theatre music seemingly written for a voice which seldom shows (there are a few vocal performances from Fok on the disc). Lovingly realized soundscapes of differing momenta and introspective traffic patterns.

She may be the modern Wendy Carlos, but going much further than Tron and Bach at a single step. She must be brilliant.

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