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CD REVIEW: Christine Kane – Rain and Mud and Wild and Green
By Ben Ohmart - 06/13/2002 - 03:09 PM EDT

Artist: Christine Kane
Album: Rain and Mud and Wild and Green
CD Review: ‘A woman reads a romance / and I could smell her fragrance / all the way to Baltimore / every guy with a cell phone / kept on trying to call home / except nobody’s home anymore’ are the opening words from the folk-inspired ‘The Way Clouds Do.’ Christine’s gently forceful vocals are the sort reviewers dream about. She should be doing singing for Disney animated movies, because the microphone seems to kiss her like a well-oiled boyfriend. Crisp, clear and highly intelligent words spring forth from this young woman as if she’s an old fashioned waterwheel with a new state of the art engine turning it. She’s realistic, but wistful for the old days and dreams.

My favorite song is going to be everyone’s. ‘(No Such Thing As) Girls Like That’ purges the gloss from the subject within the photograph when it comes to supermodels and all things too perfect. The lyrics are honed to perfection and are sure to be crowd pleasers. Here’s how the anti-lingerie catalog ends up: ‘My favorite girls are women that / are not afraid to cry and laugh / and eat some food that’s high in fat / can change your oil, fix your flat / can say some prayers and blaze a path / and I’ll just say on their behalf / there’s no such thing as girls like that.’

Yet, there are enough pensive moods in here to keep the soul growing outwardly to the furthest shining star. One of the most of effective of which is ‘Or Just Heading Home.’ Just voice and acoustic guitar, with a melody you roll up into a tight shoulder to cry on. When she comes to ‘I fell in love once / with a boy from Wichita / and he left me in Africa / Yea, it’s quite a story’ I’m without a doubt, ready to call her the author of the finest indie folk album I’ve heard this year. Not since growing up with the enchanting sounds of Peter Paul and Mary have I heard such magic on a disk. Beautiful, heartfelt stuff that I can’t recommend enough. You need to listen to this cd. I’m quite serious.

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