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CD REVIEW: Music For Babies
By Ben Ohmart - 06/16/2002 - 08:20 PM EDT

Artist: Compilation: Music For Babies
CD Review: Granted, this is an odd thing to review here, but I found the concept of Music For Babies too irresistible to stay away from. I’ve no kids – nor do I want them – but for those who Must have them, I can recommend no better collection of music for their healthy development than these 4 cds: Sleepy Baby, Peaceful Baby, Cheerful Baby and Playful Baby. Each one is an hour’s worth of traditional or classical tunes combining lush and REAL instrumentation via the Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble and a powerful thing called Advanced Brain Technologies.

‘ABT is the creator of innovative brain-based products and technologies designed to achieve educational, therapeutic and self-improvement benefits in both children and adults.’ Listening to Sleepy Baby, I must admit that it’s programmed to emit yawns and a feeling of safety and warmth among the homestead. The music is not dramatic, nor is it seeking anything strange in the form of new age music. It’s simply trying to get the kid to relax and off to cloud land. And it’s the 60 minutes that’ll do it.

‘Just as food nourishes a baby’s growing body, the elements of music – melody, tone and harmony – nourish a baby’s rapidly developing brain.’ These soft and gentle recordings are seeking to ‘alleviate the increasing barrage of “toxic noise,” developed by an extensive team of artists and professionals devoted to child health.’ For children from birth to 36 months.

The song choices are baby-oriented: lullabies and subtle, soothing ointments. But aside from that, there’s little to stop us big kids from putting the discs on when life is tough and relentless. Takes you back. Way back.

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