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CD REVIEW: Nic Meredith - Lost In The Rhythm
By Eliot Popkin - 06/25/2002 - 05:50 AM EDT

Artist: Nic Meredith
Album: Lost In The Rhythm
CD Review: Nic hails from all the way down in Australia, and it was a treat for me to receive this CD from God knows how many miles away. Nic sure has been spending some time listening to Sade, as the first thing you hear is a tight, sweet rhythm full of soul with a fat bass on the bottom.The CD opens with the title track "Lost In The Rhythm" and that's really what happens; you hear this rhythm and you just get lost in its mantra-like delivery. It sucks you in and you stay 'cause you like it. One thing I haven't heard in years is a clarinet, and it adds such a mystery and classical feel to "Big World" that you wonder why more people don't use more real instruments in their umm, instrumentation. Hmm, I sense a soap-box moment coming on here.

Rather, I will talk more about the instrumentation Nic uses. What a tight, tight sounding outfit of musicians this is. I talk a lot in my reviews about groove; how to let one breathe and just be. This album is how you let the groove just be. The favorite here is "All Comes Back", a haunting and beautiful pop song. This is soul music for the soul. Just when I thought I heard it all, Nic delivers "Eat" an uptempo, americana slice of pie. Quite a surprise it was, and a nice one at that. Overall, a wonderful album and one I can not wait to hear live. Nic, when are you coming to the United States? Don't be surprised if you hear this man on a major label in 5 million stores near you soon. Congratulations on a fabulous album.

(03) 6295 1896

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