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CD REVIEW: Kathy Phillips - Sway
By Eliot Popkin - 06/25/2002 - 05:52 AM EDT

Artist: Kathy Phillips
Album: Sway
CD Review: Isn't this a breath of fresh air? Kathy Phillips, hailing from the New Jersey area, sings her way through 11 pop/alternative cuts. Phillips has a soft, pop voice a la Natalie Merchant that has just a hint of vulnerability. In "Fly High" Kathy sings "Sometimes you'll find me inside my dreams, but the longer I'm there, nothing seems real." She dreams and sings her way through these songs as both a strong woman and a contemplative listener. Her voice really hits home on "Leaves Changing", an easy, jazzy slow shuffle. God, it's like a soft breeze on a summer day. "And if the leaves are changing, maybe I am too, And if the leaves are changing, well then so are you, so are you." Alrighty then. What a great pop moment that is. Kathy should send this one to Diana Krall.

Another nice song here is "Angels Never Sleep", which Kathy dedicated to those who have left us here. The instrumentation throughout the album is excellent, it always supports and is never overindulgent. Hats off to a really excellent production. As Kathy says, "It's one voice to change your mind" - and Kathy sure has a voice to take notice of. Wonderful album this is. Congratulations.

(908) 735-6429

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