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CD REVIEW: Scott Turchin - self-titled
By Eliot Popkin - 06/25/2002 - 05:55 AM EDT

Artist: Scott Turchin
Album: self-titled
CD Review: Scott Turchin is an LA based singer/songwriter/actor who delivers 13 songs on this self-titled release. The first thing you notice here is the voice - a gravely, deep, strong storyteller of a voice. He could turn the alphabet into something bluesy and emotive, yet there are no alphabets sung here! This is raw, acoustic stuff throughout with the occassional gift of harmonica. In "Betsy", Scott sings "I've been waitin all day, waitin all day by your side, running around for the ride, for a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely smile." All Betsy can do is muster up a lonely smile. It hurts and it hurts real good.

This is a sparse, easy to listen to disc. Scott doesn't ever leave the acoustic storyteller arena and there's really no need to. I did notice that 4 of 14 songs have women's names: Betsy, Edie, Kathy and Jennifer Come Run. Technically, there's even a "Carolina", but that's about the locale I do believe. One suggestion I would make is to vary the tempos a bit; there's many slow to mid acoustic numbers and a few reggae ones as well. One or two faster songs would help keep a live energy about. Overall, it's an engaging listen from someone to keep our ears and eyes open for.

(310) 826-8883

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