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CD REVIEW: Phil Herschel Ė Itís a Good Day
By Ben Ohmart - 07/13/2002 - 01:15 PM EDT

Artist: Phil Herschel
Album: Itís a Good Day
CD Review: In the new age genre comes Phil Herschelís mellow brand of electronically inspired music, lasting 50 minutes and shooting for heaven. While it doesnít get there completely, there are certain tracks that find their fingers in the clouds. ĎReturní is one, sparkling with a simplistic nature and lazy drive that leads gracefully into the solo piano track ĎUntil Tomorrowí which certainly lives up to its title of wistful promise.

I wonít go into the tracks that fail to satisfy me (usually because I donít dig the instrumentation Ė yep, the old synth problemís rearing up again), but I will compliment Phil on having the guts to try different sounds (within his genre) within the same cd. It doesnít happen as often as you might think, especially in a lot of the new age releases Iíve heard (indie and major both of course). And as you might expect of experimentation, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnít. Luckily for Good Day, it works a bit more than itís broken.

If youíre still uncertain whether or not to try the cd, get into the attractive website listed below. There, youíll be able to sample some mp3s and get a little more info on just whatís going on. There are only 2 available cds at the moment, but Iíve a deep feeling this isnít all weíre going to hear from Phil. His Grand Entrance disc promises to be a bit more upbeat too, so letís you and I both check it out.

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