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Name Recognition
By Michael Allison - 08/05/2002 - 08:49 PM EDT

If your like me, you've probably read almost everything written on band marketing and advertising that is available on the web and in books. You've probably found that most of what you read is either impractical or just doesn't work. That's because most of these marketing writers are trying to take advertising strategies for other products and use them to market bands. Most don't even bother to test their theories first. That can make for a ton of band marketing how-to crap cluttering the internet, book stores and musician desktops of the world. In fact, it has made that. One of the biggest problems that faces most bands is that they are not getting their name out in a way that sticks in the public's head. It's a little thing that we call "Name Recognition." Remember that, because it's more than likely what is keeping you from getting anywhere.

Just thing about it. I could name off several products from almost any category and you could probably give me a brand name in less than a second. That's name recognition. For example, if I say name a soft drink, most of you would answer Coke. If I said name a toothpaste, most would answer Crest. If I said name a guitar, many would answer Fender. What about a computer, a car, a great songwriter's website? Popular answers would be Dell, Chevrolet, and The Muse's Muse. Why? Because they all have built their brands on "Name Recognition!"

So how is this done? Of course you're asking that question, right! Well it's simple. Most have used billions in advertising dollars to get their brand names to the public. You on the other hand, can't afford to do that. So you're going to have to do things the hard way. You have to plaster your flyers every place you can, talk your talk to anyone who will listen, stick your stickers on every shop, pole and telephone booth in town, mail your CD's to anyone and everyone who will review them, play them or talk about them, perform your music in every night club, bar, coffee shop, and piss hole that will let you, and get enough people interested to start a strong word of mouth campaign.

Have you caught on yet? What all of these marketing gurus forget to tell you is that you don't stop at one feeble attempt at getting your message to the public. You can't use just one simple method and expect it to work. You have to use all of them! You have to use all of them, all of the time. This once here, twice there crap isn't going to do anything for you. If most artists put forth half the effort in their marketing as they do writing a new song, they just may start seeing some serious results. Too bad most do not. Too bad for them! That gives you the advantage. Very few people are simply discovered. Most have to work their ass off to get anywhere. There is no magic pill for music marketing. You don't need a ton of money, you can do without all of the BS excuses for not doing it. The simple fact is, if you want to have your band name a popular choice when someone ask, "Who is the best up and coming artist or band?" Then you need to get off of your excuse wagon and get to work. It's just that simple.

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