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CD REVIEW: Traces – Avikal Costantino & Murray Burns
By Ben Ohmart - 08/08/2002 - 07:56 PM EDT

Artist: Traces
Album: Avikal Costantino & Murray Burns
CD Review: At first, I honestly thought the name of this cd was TRANCES, especially after the music began.

The Music
Murray Burns is a composer I want – and need - to hear more of in future. Whether he uses words or not, or moves into trance or new age, it doesn’t matter. The man has talent to make that mixing board move, and to create a cool world of synth sound out of what seems to be great equipment.

You may gauge that it breaks no new ground in the realm of smooth rock, but you can’t say anyone else is doing it better, in this particular vein. Over these marvels of PC game music is laid:

The Lyrics
which are poignant and expertly given. The performances are as good as the best I’ve ever heard related in a pop kind of music. They are mostly the monologue sort, but the music that builds with them make these songs performance art pieces that never take their art to the point of pomposity. Here’s ‘Don’t Posses,’ the 1st track:

I don’t possess anything,
Even if this form would like to.
The dark shadow of fear,
Being possessed and annihilated,
Seems to be going.
This form of man, resplendent and royal,
Is shining around the voice that I am;
That form will go too.

I’d easily recommend this cd.

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