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CD REVIEW: Guy Bergeron - "Livin in the Valley"
By Stacey Board - 08/28/2002 - 03:43 PM EDT

Artist: Guy Bergeron
Album: "Livin in the Valley"
CD Review: Guy's bio says he is a native of Massachussetts but someone must be UPSing him some grits and gravy. This east coast man has more than his share of twang and blues in his music. This is a good thing. "Dark Greasy Stain", an outstanding track, has a real Allman Brothers feel to it. It's a slightly grey cloud looming, but a very enjoyable southern tinted groove.

There's some very fresh and interesting songwriting on this record. I got to hear broken heart songs that were completely void of cliches! Another strong song on this somewhat short CD is "Wet Cement". Both this and "Dark Greasy Stain" are a complete departure from the typical 'done me wrong' song. These songs both have really intriguing lyrics and tell this old story in a new way.

His guitar work is impressive, including a 'Boston' -ey feel with layered electric guitars on "Inside My Head". Heck, if this one had lyrics it would be a happy song, I just know it! Guy does everything here, writing, playing, arranging and recording. It sounds good for what comes across as a home recorded CD, but I sure would love to hear him get his hands on some top-notch studio gear.

The other songs have their humor and their sadness and tell their story well. But his excellent new takes on the oldest story around - a broken heart - are the real gravy here. Pass the gravy.

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