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CD REVIEW: Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker, "Straight Up"
By Stacey Board - 08/28/2002 - 03:51 PM EDT

Artist: Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker
Album: "Straight Up"
CD Review: On the CD Straight Up, Steve Elliott and Lucie Walker have put together a fun record full of what they call 'rockincountryblues' and I can't improve on that description. You get to swing, rock, two-step and slide through ten well crafted songs. Nashville better take notes because the “North of the Border” Canadian players and production on this record leave nothing to be desired of a Nashville or Austin sound.

Steve Elliott has some serious songwriting chops. There is good reason that he's had songs recorded by the likes of Ricky Van Shelton. He's got the sound of country in his bones, even though he grew up in the wild west of Vancouver, BC. He penned eight of the ten songs, with Lucie writing two also.

Lucie does her best singing on "Tumblin Down", a sassy little song that's a nice rockin ride. She's got lots of attitude here and its reminiscent perhaps of an early Shania Twain at her best. Her performances are gorgeous everywhere, but here the extra 'sauce' really makes the song a stand-out.

The only weakness in my opinion is when I get the sense that a song is being sung but not felt. "The Truth Is In Your Eyes" is a lovely song, sung flawlessly, but just doesn't convince me that she feels what she's singing about. Not that I wish heartache on her or anyone!

Another favorite track of mine is "Take It As It Comes" which you should be able to hear in a summer of 2002 movie release, The Barber. It's a well written storysong about some of the local characters in a small town bar.

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