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CD REVIEW: Dr. Tom’s Cure For Evil – “Fundamentals”
By Stacey Board - 09/06/2002 - 12:49 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Dr. Tom’s Cure For Evil
Album: “Fundamentals”
CD Review: If you invited over Joe Jackson, the Tragically Hip, and Mike Mills from REM, gave them some beer, and had them write some tunes, it would sound a lot like “Fundamentals”. It's much more intelligent, musically and lyrically, than your average pop record.

If I understand the liner notes correctly, the music is written by committee, with David Brown and Thomas Vaughan divvying up the lyrics. It works here, with a general sound that’s cohesive, but a variation in approach and execution that gives the songs interestingly different personalities. I’m a sucker for a melodic bass line, and “Wondertwin” has it for me. “Will Not Fall” is a surprising little tune with a lot more depth and vulnerability than you’d get from strictly party boys. “Cigarettes, Whiskey and Wild Wild Women”, well, is pretty self explanatory.

They also sound like they are having a lot of fun making this music. I have no idea whether the band name has deep meaning, but I bet its what made them laugh the hardest when they were coming up with names.

Did I mention the record is totally full of groove and danceable? Its one more record to put on your list of great ones put on at a party and get everyone in the mood to have a good time.

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