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CD REVIEW: John DeGrazio – “Revolution”
By Stacey Board - 09/06/2002 - 12:52 AM EDT

Artist: John DeGrazio
Album: “Revolution”
CD Review: I have a confession to make. The only reason John DeGrazio’s “Revolution” wasn’t reviewed last month is that it was still in my car CD player and I didn’t want to take it out.

This is an impressive record; written, performed, produced and mixed by John DeGrazio. I’m not just saying its impressive because it sounds good. I’m saying its impressive because it sounds GREAT. It ranges from pared down voice and acoustic guitar subtlety to lush full power pop.

The opening track, “Seems So Wrong”, is a great example of his arrangement being full of dynamic variation. “Turning Around” is another favorite of mine because the song really evolves as it moves along. I can also relate to the sentiment that I believe he’s trying to convey.

The songwriting is solid. Revolution is packed with strong melodies, surprising enough to prick up my ears and yet accessible enough to have me humming them the next day. John’s acoustic guitar playing is stellar and his production approach really makes it shine. Each little lick and flourish is there in living color.

Sometimes I tend to like things edgier and quirkier, but DeGrazio has done a great job here at making a great sounding pop record. If the title “Revolution” implies a circle, this multi-talented singer-songwriter hit the bulls-eye.

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