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CD REVIEW: Heidi Stone – “Cup”
By Stacey Board - 09/10/2002 - 07:11 PM EDT

Artist: Heidi Stone
Album: “Cup”
CD Review: How weird is this? I just finished listening to and writing my review for the Radio Junkies. The very next CD I put into the player is Heidi Stone. I’m giving it the first listen and suddenly I recognize one of the songs! It’s a Radio Junkies cover!

OK, that is out of the way, so I can move right along to the CD at hand.

Right from the first song I was intrigued. There is a really nice R&B groove to “Feed The Soul”. It starts with a cool acoustic guitar riff and builds from there. Heidi has a unique, smoky voice and I think it fits well with the soul feel on a lot of the songs.

“Just A Kiss” is a sultry bluesy song with one of her best vocal performances. “Billboards for God” is a track that includes all of the elements I like best in this CD. It has a great bluesy soul feel, nice electric guitar work, and bass and keyboards lurking around in the right amounts.

All over this record there are some very cool mood/vibe electric guitar playing and some lovely Michael Manring sounding bass, but I don’t know who to give proper credit. The CD arrived in a white paper sleeve so I can’t give specifics.

By no means do these songs all sound alike. Heidi has put together a good mix of song styles here. She does some straight pop, R&B, jazzy sounding tunes and some more quirky electronic treatments too.

I like her own songs and wonder why she chose to do the covers. Cup is a fine serving of jazzy soul with unique vocals.

No Contact Information was available - Heidi, get in touch!

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