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CD REVIEW: Cristina Williams Band – “What Did I Do?”
By Stacey Board - 09/10/2002 - 07:12 PM EDT

Artist: Cristina Williams Band
Album: “What Did I Do?”
CD Review: Well she asked so I’ll tell you. I’ll start with this: She’s done some really interesting songwriting here. The first thing that caught my attention is some nice unexpected melodic turns. “Good Time” is the first track and it’s a nice energetic tune that gets under your skin and will have you singing along with the chorus.

What the producer/guitarist has done is some outstanding work that adds tremendously to the mood and the appeal of the songs. He’s also done the mixing, recording and had a hand in the arrangements. Williams, who also had a hand in the arrangements, made an excellent choice here with a producer that really seems to feel and understand her songs.

Another favorite track of mine is “That’s Just Fine”. It is a meandering melody that’s really appealing with a cool swirling vocal effect that fits perfectly with the mood of the song. Williams also paints some great lyrical pictures and knows how to use her wit.

The only drawback on the record for me is what she didn’t do. She does some really fine vocal work on most of the tracks but on some vocal takes she doesn’t stay so tight on her pitch. I’m personally a real stickler for that and for me it takes away from the songs. I wish they would have spent just a little more time making the vocals 100%.

Don’t misunderstand though; Williams has a really appealing vocal quality, she knows how to write a cool song and make it shine with arrangement and production. “What Did I Do” is a very good CD.

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