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CD REVIEW: Simirillion
By Ben Ohmart - 09/12/2002 - 03:51 PM EDT

Artist: Simirillion
CD Review: What to call Simirillion… new age? That’s probably the closest thing to say about this instrumental hour from

Amy Hammel Zabin – flute
Kenny Swindell – trumpet
Chris Eminizer – sax
Chip Wilson – acoustic guitar, guitar, bass, percussion keyboards

Yes, it’s Chip’s album essentially, though he’s helped out considerably by the three others. Simirillion’s self-titled, and as far as I know debut, album is a collection of tunes that are drawn out sometimes past endurance (much as I like ‘Brazilian Raindance’, I’m not convinced it needs to be 18.5 minutes long). ‘Cadence Walk’ shows the able skill of a good orchestrator at the start of a career, finding his way among the Eastern vs. Western sounds, while still entertaining and imagineering landscapes full of intrigue and relaxation.

But I qualify that ‘start’ statement by saying I know nothing about the band – the cd arrived on its own and I wish the website had easier to find info on this crew, because I’d like to know where they’re coming from. They’re going places – and so are you – to views that can only be reached through pure sound. While I usually love the new age genre’s arrangements, for me this cd is just a little Too repetitive in what it is stressing. Less active cds can get away with going over and over the same ground because they are like vitamins, seeking a complacency rather than an action. But if this is jazz + space music somehow I think it could use an extra solo here and there of more improvisation from the acoustic blowers.

Still, I always like to stress the positive, and Simirillion makes me want to. I feel they are on the verge of some great sounds. I look forward to their progression.

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