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CD REVIEW: Superjuice – “last against the wall”
By Stacey Board - 09/24/2002 - 12:04 AM EDT

Artist: Superjuice
Album: “last against the wall”
CD Review: Although “last against the wall’ is only four tracks, they are really interesting songs. This is a CD worth picking up. ‘Modern Rock’ is a wide term but their music is a bit more alternative than pop, and a bit poppier than dark screaming emo.

These guys are tight together and seem to really feel the music. Andy Disimone is credited with lyrics and music as well as keys, vocals and guitar. They all share singing credit though and that’s a huge plus in my book. There is a different type of gel to the music than just players playing their parts. These guys are all multi-talented and all bring something to the party.

My favorite cut is “Listen” because I’m not sure I understand it…if that makes sense. It seems to be from the point of view of someone unable to commit. If I’m right, it’s a very intriguing take on it lyrically. It's got me curious in a good way because the voice seems as deeply in love as they are determined to go. Lyrically, the songs are more sketches than stories, but it works perfectly in this song to get across that noncommittal feeling. Who is going to come out and admit they’re in love and can’t deal with it?

This is really nicely done melodic ‘alternapop’ – a bit darker and quirkier than your average pop. I hope these gentlemen continue to make music, and they come out with more tracks next time!

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