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CD REVIEW: Henri Ferguson - "Missing the Boat"
By David Lockeretz - 09/30/2002 - 06:42 PM EDT

Artist: Henri Ferguson
Album: "Missing the Boat"
CD Review: It would be too easy to say that the title of this album is prophetic--and it would not be accurate. With a deep, folksy voice and tastefully written folk/pop songs, Henri Ferguson could become an important performer in the James Taylor/Paul Simon vein. Some work will be needed, however.

There's nothing wrong with mellow, reflective pop, but Ferguson doesn't seem to offer any kind of new spins on his genre. The drums sound like patches from an electronic kit and the safe sax makes me feel like I should be looking for the produce aisle at Walmart. Ferguson's lyrics come off a little cliche as well: "Life is an ocean/love is a boat/when the water gets rough/yours keeps me afloat."

On the other hand, some songs on this CD show signs of life. "Early Morning Red Eye Blues" might be a little hoaky, but it will get your body moving, and "Lately My Love" is a pretty ballad that shows touches of the Beatles.

If Henri Ferguson is trying to make it in the adult/contemporary vein, he might have already arrived, but for more mainstream appeal, well, he doesn't need to get more piercings or take up shooting heroin, but getting a better drummer (or having better drum sounds on the recording at least) would be a good start. After that the rest might fall into place.

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