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CD REVIEW: Saeta - "Resign To Ideal"
By David Lockeretz - 10/11/2002 - 10:31 PM EDT

Artist: Saeta
Album: "Resign To Ideal"
CD Review: With sparse, introspective acoustic compositions, Saeta proves how much can be said with less. Their songs are absorbing; in a world where many things seem to be designed to create a bang-bang first impression, the music of Saeta forces the listener to stop and think.

Matt Menovcik provides brooding vocals and cleanly executed acoustic guitar. Lesli Wood lays down tastefully textured piano and the cello of Bob Smolenski provides the band with a unique lyric quality. Compositionally, the pieces are often minimalist, but never boring in their repetitions; rather the feeling is like that of a mantra.

Although much of the material is in the same vein, Saeta's music has some definite variety. "Will It Ever Be" is a particularly pastoral piece with a hypnotic melody and guitar accompaniment, whereas tracks such as "In Time We Shall" feature a more polyrhythmic motion.

Saeta's sound definitely is not for everybody. Fans of Shakira and Limp Bizkit might want to look elsewhere. Even fans of more conventional pop music might at first be bored or confused by this group, and perhaps if Saeta seeks a wider audience they should find ways of making their sound more accessible without diluting themselves. More harmony vocals might be nice; more variation in tempo or instrumentation might also help. However, Saeta's unique sound is valuable in and of itself; I would rather they continue in this vein than try to popularize themselves in ways that would be artistically damaging. I wish them the best of success.

To find out more about Saeta, visit, and tell 'em I sent you.

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